Tolerate Tech™: Power User Annually


  • When 4 Meet Ups a Year Isn’t Quite Good Enough, We Can Get Together More Often!​​
  • Managed Venders like Comcast So We Can Deal with Them and You Don’t Have To.​​
  • Priority Support and Discounted Emergency Services Become Available!​​
  • Select level 1 labor services included!​​
  • Get Another 10 % = 40% Off Advanced Service Rates!​​
  • All Plan 3 Features!


For Daily Power Users: A comprehensive package for those who depend on their computer daily, offering top-tier support and solutions for complex needs. Great for work at home, or small business users.

  • All ‘No Worries’ Features
  • VIP Tech Concierge Service & Frequent Personal Consultations: Prioritized, customized tech assistance ensures your computer is always functioning at its peak, safeguarding your investment in technology.
  • Exclusive Webinars and Training: Access to specialized educational content to keep you informed and skilled in the latest tech developments.
  • Enhanced Software Integration Support: Customized assistance for integrating and optimizing software, tailored to your specific workflow and needs.
  • Managed Vendor Interactions & Discounted Emergency Services: We handle your tech-related communications with service providers and offer prioritized support in emergencies.
  • Customized Security Plans: Development of personalized cybersecurity strategies to match your intensive usage and unique digital profile.
  • 30% Total Discount on Advanced Services: The highest level of savings for comprehensive tech solutions.
  • Online Community Access: Connect with a community for additional support, tips, and shared learning experiences.

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