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Computer Protection

Over 50% of Computer Users Experience Cyberattacks Annually.

Tolerate Tech™: Local Computer Protection & Tech Support

Be Safer Online

Why Modern Threats Demand Stronger Protection

Hey there computer people! I’m Scott Lantow, and I’m always looking to help people with their computers.

These days, it feels like cyber threats are popping up left and right, doesn’t it? It’s not just the big corporations that need to watch their backs; our homes and small businesses are in the mix too. That’s where we at Tolerate Tech™ step in. Seeing the spike in cybercrime, especially with everything going on in the world, we knew it was time to up our game.

I had a crazy idea to deliver business like Tech Support for the regular person, at a crazy low price!

Our approach isn’t just about slapping on some antivirus. It’s about crafting a security shield that’s got your back in this wild digital world.


Hackers attack on average
26,000 times a day,
or every 3 seconds.

Safeguard Your Online World with Our Expert Computer Hacking Protection.

Keep your computer protected and running smooth


Discover the Tolerate Tech™ Difference

Block Malware Threats

Fast and Reliable Virus Protection in Rockford IL

When malware strikes, time is of the essence. Our rapid-response team specializes in swift Computer Malware Protection, ensuring that any threats to your system are neutralized promptly, with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Our local experts utilize the latest in Cyber Crime and Virus Threat prevention technology to keep your devices clean and your data safe.

Learn more about our quick-response virus protection system

We crush threats on 40% of devices a traditional antivirus completely missed!


Installations of Malwarebytes every day


Malwarebytes scans every month


Threats detected or blocked every day by Malwarebytes


It’s not the name recognition that counts, but the quality of the product and the service behind it.

Top Rated Virus Definition Database

All-Round Computer Protection Service for Every Device

Experience comprehensive digital defense with our PC Protection Help, offering more than just antivirus solutions. From real-time monitoring to regular system tune-ups, we ensure your tech is not only defended against cyber threats but also optimized for peak performance—whether it’s a PC, Mac, or Android device.

Understand the full spectrum of our protection services.

Our software effectively detects new threats before your computer is compromised.


Detected at least this many of malicious samples


Generate no more than this many percent false positives


Detecting this many of 1,004 malicious samples

Tech Support Near Me! — Just A Click Away

Tolerate Tech isn’t just another faceless tech company. We’re like neighborhood TechGuy™, available to provide expert tech support when and where you need it. Our Local Tech Support services mean we’re only a quick call or a short drive away from solving your tech issues. When an in person chat isn’t necessary, remote support is available too though!

You need a personable techguy™!


Scott Lantow your Local TechGuy™

Scott Lantow

President & CEO
Monthly and Annual Options

Membership Plans that Empower You

Tailored Computer Security Programs

Tolerate Tech isn’t just another faceless tech company. We’re your neighbors, available to provide expert tech support when and where you need it. Our Local Tech Support services mean we’re only a quick call or a short drive away from solving your tech issues.

Why proximity matters for your tech needs.

Advanced Computer Hacking Protection system

Stay ahead of hackers with our proactive defense strategies. We blend the strengths of leading Computer Security Systems to form an impenetrable shield around your digital life, offering the best Computer Protection Against Hackers—because your security is our top priority.

Learn how we keep hackers at bay.

Join the Community of Protected and Less Frustrated Members

As a Tolerate Tech member, you’re part of a community that values digital safety and accessibility to quick help. Our members enjoy peace of mind, knowing they have the best in class PC Guard Protection and the convenience of Local Virus Help. Say goodbye to digital distress and hello to smooth, secure browsing, working, and gaming!

Sign Up Today!

Don’t Leave Your Digital Security to Chance – Choose Tolerate Tech for Local Tech Support and Protection


Our Pricing Plans


I'm Covered™

$13Monthly Membership
With all the hacking and ransomware nowadays, we've gotta start somewhere!
  • 24/7 Active Business Anti-Virus / Premium Anti-Malware for core Cybersecurity protection. This covers files, programs, core windows system, and more!
  • 24/7 Active Dual Layer Internet Premium Security for blocking malicious website & downloads
  • 24/7 Active Health Monitoring for catching problems before they happen. This saves money, and frustration!
  • Managed Windows / Third-Party Updates so you're not bother through the week with updates and reboots!
  • Password Manager to help raise the security of your passwords and securely save passwords too!
  • And a whole lot more! Book a Video Chat Demo with Scott if you have questions.

No Worries™

$25Monthly Package
We're ready to help you Tolerate Tech with Quarterly Check Ups!
  • All Features are included from the I'm Covered plan.
  • 4x Software TuneUp for your Computer's fitness. When it get's out of shape, then everything takes extra long to load.
  • Quarterly Check Ups for your Tech fitness. (This just means Tech Support, no jumping jacks here haha)
  • 1 Hardware Tune Up a year keeps the dirt, dust, and debris away! We call this the hardware oil change, & helps with longevity.
  • Computer Cloud Backup from IT Pros. We believe that all your data shouldn't be collected and sold, like Big Tech cloud services.
  • Android device Premium Anti-Malware Cybersecurity protection to block malicious apps attempting to steal banking information, and personal information.
  • Quick Fixes are FREE! If it's a 5m litte Tech-Time-Waster, we'll get you moving right along. This is a big part of how we get you more time in your life!
  • 20% Off advanced rate services! When your computer problem isn't just a quick one, we'll still be saving you money on our advanced solutions.

The Power User™

$75Monthly Package
Get priority service, monthly CheckUps, FREE services, & discounted advanced rate services!
  • All Features in Tier 3 No Worries
  • When 2 meet ups a year isn't quite good enough, we can get together quarterly!
  • Managed venders like Comcast so we can deal with them and you don't have to.
  • Priority Support and discounted emergency services become available!
  • Select level 1 labor services included!
  • 40% Off advanced rate services

What Our Customers Are Saying


From Google Reviews
Wow, what a great guy! The owner was so helpful and knowledgeable. He really helped out us older folks! Thanks Scott!

Mark Schlanger
Tech Support That Actually Makes Sense
Mark Schlanger

From Google Reviews
Awesome service!! Revival Tech Solutions serves as the virtual IT department for my sole proprietor business. I don’t have to think about IT and can spend my time serving my customers and growing my business!

James Egan
Outlook Not Working on Laptop

From Google Reviews
I was a customer of a well known tech support company for many years. Recently, they changed from local support to a corporate centered support model. This totally changed my relationship with their local support staff. I needed to find reliable tech support that offered both remote and face to face support to report problems, ask questions, then receive timely solutions and answers. After a quick search, I drove to the Revival Tech Solutions office, met Scott, and immediately signed up for his support services. He ran diagnostics on my laptop and suggested I check it in for system and security updates. Since first meeting Scott he has provided excellent support on a number of occasions and that is why I strongly suggest you contact Revival Tech Solutions for your tech support needs.

David Blankenship

New Tech Shop for Computer Speed Up, Security, and Support
My situation was unique to say the least. The issue with My old laptop/tablet was a challenge and didn’t have the best outcome. Scott did not give up and was thorough and honest. I trusted him throughout the process even though it became frustrating and long. Scott took the time to get to know me and helped me buy another one that I am very pleased with this far. Scott is patient and hardworking and you can tell that this work is his passion. He is careful and thorough and does his best to maintain customer satisfaction.
Anthony Musso
Windows Laptop Attempted Repair and Replacement
6435 +
Happy Clients
20 +
Years Experience
10000 +
Tips Given
4.7 *
Top Rated

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