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Is your Xbox Series X or Series S experiencing issues? At Revival Tech Repair, I specialize in providing fast and reliable Xbox repair services in the Rockford, IL area.

From hardware malfunctions to software glitches, I ensure your console is repaired with the highest quality standards.

Ryan Meeds customer review on google maps 1000% recommend Scott and Revival Tech for tech needs

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Our Xbox Repair Services Include:

Common Console Problems We Fix

Xbox Won’t Turn On

Diagnose and repair power issues to get your console running again. My Xbox repair services cover all types of power problems, ensuring a quick fix.

Xbox HDMI Port Repair

If your Xbox HDMI port is not working, let Scott the expert fix and replace HDMI ports to restore video output. Get reliable Xbox HDMI repair services.

Xbox Overheating Problems

Clean and repair the cooling system to prevent overheating. Our Xbox overheating fix includes a thorough cleaning and cooling system repair.

Disk Drive Issues

Fix and replace disk drives to ensure smooth game reading. Our Xbox repair shop handles all disk drive problems efficiently.

Software Glitches

Update firmware and resolve software errors for optimal performance. Our Xbox repair services include comprehensive software troubleshooting.

Controller Problems

Repair and maintain Xbox controllers for perfect responsiveness. Visit our Xbox repair shop for quick and effective controller fixes.

Our Repair Process:

xbox series x game system console dirty running hot not working anymore in need of revival tech tune up repair and maintenance in rockford

Why Choose Scott?

Guiding You Back to Victory: The Scott Lantow Promise

The Expert Behind Every Repair:

Understanding the heartache behind every technical issue, Scott Lantow stands as your guide back to the uninterrupted gaming joy. With a deep knowledge of both the emotional and technical landscapes of gaming, Scott ensures that your path to restoration is clear, swift, and precise.


Broken HDMI on a Xbox Series X Not Showing an image on the TV all Fixed Up!

Be a Planet Saver

Did you know that 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste was generated worldwide in 2019? Even more shocking, only 17.4% of this was collected and properly recycled. Choosing to repair over replace not only saves you money but also helps fight the growing e-waste problem. You're not just a consumer; you're a conscientious citizen making a difference. Repair, don't replace—Mother Earth will thank you.

In-Shop Xbox Repair Service Area: Greater Rockford area of over 7 years!

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With the shop home in Loves Park, I may be out of the way for you. However, I am likely your best local small business offering high level quality repair and service, for many towns listed below.

  • Loves Park IL
  • Rockford IL
  • Belvidere IL
  • Byron IL
  • Caledonia IL
  • Candlewick Lake IL
  • Cherry Valley IL
  • Machesney Park IL
  • Monroe Center IL
  • Oregon IL
  • Pecatonica IL
  • Poplar Grove IL
  • Rockton IL
  • Roscoe IL
  • South Beloit IL
  • Winnebago IL

Find Relief and Get Back to What Matters - We Make Your Tech Troubles Disappear

You won’t know how smooth gaming can be until you’ve experienced our expert repair services.


Hear It Straight from Our Happy Clients

Hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced our Rockford computer services firsthand. Their testimonials reflect our dedication to providing fast, efficient, and affordable Xbox Game Console repair in Rockford, IL. From emergency xbox repairs to routine maintenance, our customers trust us for all their game console needs.

Our Happy Customers Will Tell You We’re the Real Deal in Game Repair.

Xbox Repair FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will my Xbox repair take?

Most repairs are started within a few days, and completed in under a week or two depending on the issue. We’ll give you an estimated time after diagnosing the problem. Our Xbox repair services aim for quick turnaround times.

Check the power connections and try a different outlet. If it still doesn’t work, start a repair ticket and bring it to our shop for a thorough diagnostic.

Costs vary based on the issue, but we offer competitive and transparent pricing. In general, Xbox Full Maintenance TuneUps and repairs range from $120 – $300. Contact us for a detailed estimate of our Xbox repair services.

We provide Xbox repair services for Rockford IL and surrounding areas, including Loves Park, Machesney Park, Belvidere, Cherry Valley, South Beloit, Byron, Mt Morris, Roscoe, and Rockton.

Why Wait?

Fix Xbox glitches fast with Scott at Revival Tech, your local game repair expert. He’s helped over 6,000 customers, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted computer and game system experience.

Ready to jump back into your game? Contact Scott now and get your system running like new!

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