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Download Your Crypto Trading eBook and Stop Trading Randomly. Build Profitable Trading Strategies Instead!

Get ‘Five Mistakes Holding You Back From Profitable Trading’ for Free, and Unlock Advanced Techniques with ‘How to Succeed With Your Cryptocurrency Trading’.

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Are you a crypto trader struggling with bad trades and missed opportunities?

Our crypto trading ebooks are here to help you transform your trading strategy.

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These guides will teach you how to identify problems in your trading and build a personalized strategy based on years of experience and tested strategies.

Download our cryptocurrency trading ebooks to start your journey towards successful trading today.

Why Many Traders Struggle

Cracking Crypto Has 24+ Thousand Followers and 1.3k+ Videos on YouTube
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Cracking Cryptocurrency Mastermind

Justin Wise, the trading coach behind Cracking Cryptocurrency, understands these struggles firsthand.

Practical Advice for Every Trader

Practical Advice for Every Trader

Justin breaks down complex strategies into easy-to-understand steps, making them accessible for traders at any level.

Transformative Insights

Justin's guidance helps traders identify common pitfalls and implement strategies that lead to consistent success.

Real Experience, Real Success

With years of experience and a deep understanding of market dynamics, Justin provides practical advice and insights that can transform your trading approach.

Comprehensive Ebook / PDF Guides for Every Trader


Free eBook: "Five Mistakes Holding You Back From Profitable Trading"

What You’ll Learn

Start here if you want to avoid the common mistakes that drag traders down. This free cryptocurrency trading ebook is straightforward and packed with tips to help you build a solid foundation.


Paid eBook: "How to Succeed With Your Cryptocurrency Trading"

Advanced Strategies

Ready to step up your game? This crypto trading ebook dives into advanced strategies that the pros use. It’s all about creating a detailed plan, understanding market direction, and managing risks effectively to improve your trading success.

Technical Indicators

Gain in-depth knowledge on how to use technical indicators to make informed trading decisions and enhance your overall strategy.

Step-by-Step Plan

Follow a structured plan to improve your trading skills and achieve consistent results in the cryptocurrency market.

Ready to Transform Your Trading?

Download the Free eBook

Get your hands on “Five Mistakes Holding You Back From Profitable Trading” the Crypto trading PDF guide, for FREE. It’s essential reading if you want to stop making costly mistakes and start trading smarter.

Buy the Advanced eBook

Once you’ve nailed the basics, move on to “How to Succeed With Your Cryptocurrency Trading.” This extensive Crypto trading pdf is very much like a ‘playbook’. It will take you to the next level with advanced strategy concepts that work in real life.

Join The Community and Keep Learning

Connect on Discord

Join the Cracking Cryptocurrency community on Discord. It’s a great place to connect with other traders, share insights, and get support. 

Justin’s “Pathways to Profit” strategy, which applies to both crypto and traditional trading, is a key focus here. This group is all about helping each other succeed.



By following the strategies in “Five Mistakes Holding You Back From Profitable Trading” and “How to Succeed With Your Cryptocurrency Trading,” you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful crypto trader. Download the free cryptocurrency trading ebook today and take the next step towards mastering your trades with the paid guide.

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