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About Us - The Revival Tech Solutions Story


Meet Scott - From Dial-Up Days to Tech Guru

Hey there! I’m Scott Lantow, the tech enthusiast behind Revival Tech Solutions. My adventure with computers started at 14 with an old eMachine and the unforgettable sound of AOL’s dial-up. If you remember those days, we’re already friends.

A Journey Through Tech - From Chatrooms to Chipsets

My Early Days
The digital world fascinated me early on, leading to media production and web design classes in high school, and later, some deep dives into nerdy Android modding. It was more than a hobby; it was a glimpse into my future.

From Repair Shop Frustrations to Revival Tech Solutions

Taking the Lead
My professional tech journey began at a local cell phone repair shop. I quickly took on a leadership role, training techs, and boosting service standards. But there was a problem – the company’s fixation on low-quality parts and rapid expansion. I found myself at the forefront of customer frustrations and internal challenges.

Revival Tech Repair
In 2016, I decided it was time for a change. I opened Revival Tech Repair, focusing on quality repairs with the best parts available. It wasn’t all smooth sailing – think fixing gadgets in a winter coat or between a wall of fans – but it was the start of something great.

Revival Tech Solutions - More Than Just Repairs

Our Evolution
Four years later, I moved to our current location in Loves Park, right across from Rockford, IL. It was also a moment for growth and rebranding, so Revival Tech Repair became Revival Tech Solutions, expanding our services to cover a wider range of tech and design solutions.

My Philosophy
Throughout various jobs – from landscaping to smartphone sales – one thing has remained constant: my love for helping people and doing great work. This ethos is at the heart of Revival Tech Solutions. Whether it’s a tech issue or a design challenge, I believe in finding solutions, not giving up (unless we’re talking about a fried motherboard!).


Join Our Story - Your Tech Problems, Solved

So, that’s a bit about me and my journey to Revival Tech Solutions. If you’re facing tech troubles or need expert advice, let’s chat. I’m here to provide solutions with the same determination and quality that started this journey.

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