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Your home base, for your Rockford IL area repair needs.

Here at Revival Tech, it all started with Repair. We believe in trying to be cost effective, not wasteful, and we do this by always trying to Repair before Replace.

Say just the screen is broken, you’re not getting an image, or something’s not powering on. A lot of the other parts that are totally working fine, would be wasted if we didn’t try fixing the device.

20+ Years Experience


Our Featured Repair Services


  • How to speed up a computer, laptop, macbook, and desktop.

  • Clean out dirt, dust, debris, and perform a computer oil change.

  • How to fix computer not charging, not turning on, overheating, fan very loud, and more!


Remote Assistance

Scott Lantow is ready to help you fix your computer to show you a "How To" tutorial right from your home or office. Join the Tolerate Tech membership and get remote support services included, & discounted!


Mobile Repair

  • How to fix a smartphone screen, and how to fix an iphone screen.

  • How to make iphone faster, change iphone battery, and factory reset iphone.

  • How to protect android cellphone, smartphone antivirus, safe banking protection for phone.


Data Backup & Protection

We're here to help you make sure you have your data backed up, and know that it's working. Often our clients thought their computer was backing up, only to find out it wasn't working!


Game System Repair

  • How to fix ps4, how to fix xbox hdmi, not showing image on screen, black screen

  • Clean out dirt dust debris, and perform game system oil change

  • How to fix ps4, how to fix ps5, how to fix xbox disc not reading


Advanced Repair

We repair motherboards here in the shop, locally in Rockford IL. We don't send your device away like other shops. Support local repair business with:
Best no video on screen repair in Rockford IL for your PS4, PS5, Xbox One, One S, One X , Series S, Series X.
Best not charging repair in Rockford IL for your Nintendo Switch, Controllers, iPhone, Android, Samsung, Moto, iPad, and more smartphones or tablets.

Why Choose Us

Tech Emergency Call Now

  • Highest rated Tech Repair Shop in town
  • Fast & reliable support
  • Down to earth & personable service
  • Superior Repair ethics standards
  • We try harder than all other shops
  • Advanced knowledge of complex Repairs
  • Amazing process for Repairing before Replacing



Our Rockford IL computer, phone, tablet, and game system technicians understand how frustrating Tech is when it doesn't work, we rely on it even more than you do! haha. We make sure to take care of our clients, just like we do our friends and family.

At Shop Service Areas

  • Rockford IL
  • Loves Park IL
  • Roscoe IL
  • Rockton IL
  • Belvidere IL
  • Cherry Valley IL
  • Oregon IL
  • South Beloit IL
  • Janesville Wi
  • Beloit Wi

Working Process


Check-In Diagnostics

This is the start where we'll ask questions about what the issue is, like what is working or not working. This helps us develop our repair strategy to make sure we're all on the same page. Have these questions ready for checkin to speed things up!


Pick Up Your Item

We'll update you along the way, and when complete of course. But when you pick-up, you'll get a quick run through of everything we performed on the device, and we answer any questions. At Revival Tech, you're not just another passing customer, you're our local family.


Drop Off Your Item

If this is a mission critical device, we will do our best to let you keep using the device in a partially broken state until parts arrive, and it's your turn. We always aim to minimize downtime at all costs!


Check Ups and New Issues

We aim to build long lasting relations with our clients because frankly, it's hard learning so many new people's lives when we care so much! We care so much, that we are brining business IT to the regular person, and bespoke solutions for small to medium businesses. Still not sure? Hop on a 5min call with Scott, he'll explain things . 😉

Pricing Plan

Tolerate Tech™: Cybersecurity & Support Club


I'm Covered™

$13Monthly Membership
With all the hacking and ransomware nowadays, we've gotta start somewhere!
  • 24/7 Active Business Anti-Virus / Premium Anti-Malware for core Cybersecurity protection. This covers files, programs, core windows system, and more!
  • 24/7 Active Dual Layer Internet Premium Security for blocking malicious website & downloads
  • 24/7 Active Health Monitoring for catching problems before they happen. This saves money, and frustration!
  • Managed Windows / Third-Party Updates so you're not bother through the week with updates and reboots!
  • Password Manager to help raise the security of your passwords and securely save passwords too!
  • And a whole lot more! Book a Video Chat Demo with Scott if you have questions.

No Worries™

$25Monthly Package
We're ready to help you Tolerate Tech with Quarterly Check Ups!
  • All Features are included from the I'm Covered plan.
  • 4x Software TuneUp for your Computer's fitness. When it get's out of shape, then everything takes extra long to load.
  • Quarterly Check Ups for your Tech fitness. (This just means Tech Support, no jumping jacks here haha)
  • 1 Hardware Tune Up a year keeps the dirt, dust, and debris away! We call this the hardware oil change, & helps with longevity.
  • Computer Cloud Backup from IT Pros. We believe that all your data shouldn't be collected and sold, like Big Tech cloud services.
  • Android device Premium Anti-Malware Cybersecurity protection to block malicious apps attempting to steal banking information, and personal information.
  • Quick Fixes are FREE! If it's a 5m litte Tech-Time-Waster, we'll get you moving right along. This is a big part of how we get you more time in your life!
  • 20% Off advanced rate services! When your computer problem isn't just a quick one, we'll still be saving you money on our advanced solutions.

The Power User™

$75Monthly Package
Get priority service, monthly CheckUps, FREE services, & discounted advanced rate services!
  • All Features in Tier 3 No Worries
  • When 2 meet ups a year isn't quite good enough, we can get together quarterly!
  • Managed venders like Comcast so we can deal with them and you don't have to.
  • Priority Support and discounted emergency services become available!
  • Select level 1 labor services included!
  • 40% Off advanced rate services


My situation was unique to say the least. The issue with My old laptop/tablet was a challenge and didn’t have the best outcome. Scott did not give up and was thorough and honest. I trusted him throughout the process even though it became frustrating and long. Scott took the time to get to know me and helped me buy another one that I am very pleased with this far. Scott is patient and hardworking and you can tell that this work is his passion. He is careful and thorough and does his best to maintain customer satisfaction.
Anthony Musso
Excellent service, reasonable price! My flash drive was physically damaged and RTS was able to repair the connection and restore the data within a week. I initially took this drive to the other guy in town and after 2 weeks I called them and was eventually told that the damage was beyond repair and that there may be a chance of data recovery if I wanted to “send it out to one of their specialists” at a cost of several hundred dollars and more down time. After reading online reviews, I decided to give RTS a shot; which is where I should have went first!
Timothy J
Scott is the best. Stopped in to drop my daughter phone in for a cracked screen and it will be ready next day! These guys are good. Seriously recommend them to anyone for phone or computer repair. They have my business for life.
Steven Cook
Best place in the Rockford area to bring your electronics! I was worried about where to bring my Desktop PC to get something looked at because there’s only so many places in Rockford you can go! I’m glad I choice Revival Tech! They were friendly, informative, and didn’t treat me like a noob! I know alot about PCs but wanted expert advice and they delivered! Good prices and great service. I’m glad I have peace of mind now on where to bring my electronics! Nice location! Thanks again!
Jason Thayer (Jtizzle)
Very responsive. I started having problems with my CPU on Friday and needed it to be fixed right away. They fixed it over the weekend and got it running by Sunday afternoon.
Usha Sundaram

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