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Save money & resources by repairing before replacing

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Save money & resources by Repairing before Replacing


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Here at RevivalTech, it all started with Repair. We believe in trying to be cost effective, not wasteful, and we do this by always trying to Repair before Replace.

Say just the screen is broken, you’re not getting an image, or something’s not powering on. A lot of the other parts that are totally working fine, would be wasted if we didn’t try fixing the device.


"It's All About

the Experience"


The digital world is evolving faster everyday, and since the Work At Home days of COVID, we’re using Tech even more. We have been helping Businesses and Families stay up and running with RevivalTech Care Security coverage, but our In-House Repair center has been equally helpful and important to our clients. This is what allows us to save money and time.

Unlike other shops, you talk to the Techs that work on your devices. This is how we grow long lasting relations with our customers, and align with their their needs to better suit the project. This also means we’re not shipping your devices to other locations, which can be less secure, cost more money, and take more time. We came from Mom & Pop style Repair Shop roots, and continues to be at the core of each interaction to this day!

How we do

Every repair is different, every client is unique

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Payment accepted

  • We accept most forms of payment.
  • Most repairs require minimum down payment.
  • Usually we do payment at pickup when the repair is completed.
  • We have a “No Fix” minimum.

Safety first

We prioritize cleanly personal hygiene, regular washing and cleaning of surfaces, and respect personal space with safe breathing. We believe in common sense.

Urgent Repairs

We offer priority / expedited service options for speedy repair turn around when you need. This will entail an additional fee, and generally are started same day or next.

Full-service Repair

Our firm offers a full range of Repair services, from simple TuneUps and upgrades, to screen replacement and motherboard repair. We do our best to offer sustainable, affordable, and resuseable solutions to our customers that other stores stopped caring about. Please ask if you have questions!

Payment Options

Why people love RevivalTech


Up to date Tech knowledge, 18 years of experience

The answers you’ve been looking for, and the other shops couldn’t answer. We offer you a unique down to earth experience, unlike any other shop in town. Our local technicians are looking to build a TechGuy relationship with you today!

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