President & CEO

Scott Lantow

20yrs of IT & Media lead me to creating a couple businesses, while consulting many others. First the Tech Repair shop, then a Cryptocurrency Trading Education group. These marketing and digital infrastructure experiences allowed me to develop other companies with eCommerce websites, direct email Newsletter sales campaigns, and too much more haha.


Hey there I’m Scott Lantow. I own and operate a company called Revival Tech Solutions, an IT & Branding Agency founded on my 20 yrs of Technology and Media Production experience. I’ve helped many people get their phone fixed, computer cleaned up, websites and newsletter marketing campaigns created, and all sorts of Business development consultations. Now, I want to help regular people stay protected from cybercrime, and be less angry at their Tech. Which is why I started the Tolerate Tech Club! This will expand up to people interested in personal development to enhance the quality of their life. I want to build a community based around helping people see the skills they have, remove the characters flaw we become aware of,  to help enhance the job or business quality of life. This will create stability and scale. Whether it’s a promotion, or increased revenue.

Then we have the entrepreneurs Club Business Broccoli! This is our community of like minded people targeting a small startup to live financially free, or growing larger to medium/large multi million dollar companies. But our children or business are simply a mirror, a reflection of us, so it all starts with the first principles of life: getting OUR sh*t together haha.

So if this sounds interesting to you, plug-in! Join the Tolerate Tech Facebook group, and/or the Business Broccoli Discord group! Send me a message, email, phone call, video chat, reach out! Let’s link up and start working on growing together and making awesome stuff!

Professional Skills

Technology Repair & Support 99%
Web Development 99%
Graphic Design 92%
Viedography 96%
Photography 84%
Coding 68%
Sales Development 76%
Marketing Development 87%
Lead / Sales Funnel Development 92%
Problem Solving / Consultation 100%
Personal Development 98%
Frisbee Golf 98%
Guitar 88%
Drums 94%
American Patriot 100%