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Escape Tech Headaches from Subpar Places

Hey there! I’m Scott, your neighborhood TechGuy™.

Sick of corporate Tech giants like ‘GeekSquad’ telling you to buy new parts you don’t need? (Actual customer story) 

Frustrated with low-quality or over seas Tech service? 

I know how annoying Tech issues can be, I’ve been fighting them for over 20 years!

Whether your computer is slower than a sloth, your game system is overheating like a summer sidewalk, or your phone screen looks like it lost a battle, I’m here to help.

Get Your Tech Revived And Support Local Business!

As a local business owner, I know the value of reliable, personable Tech support. I’ve worked with countless residential customers and small businesses, providing consistent, expert repairs with a friendly touch. 

Supporting my local business means you’re getting unparalleled, down-to-earth service from someone who truly cares about your tech.

Let’s get your devices looking and running like new so you can stay productive, confident, and tech-savvy. Choose local, and experience the difference with personalized service that keeps our community strong!

Tech Repair Services By Device

Computer Repair Services

Need help with your computer, MacBook, Windows desktop, iMac, or gaming PC? I offer comprehensive repairs and maintenance.
Services from cleaning out dust and debris, fixing charging issues, and addressing overheating and crashes.

Game System Repair Services

Having trouble with your PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch? I can fix issues like broken HDMI, overheating, and random shutoffs.
Detailed maintenance keeps your consoles running longer, and saves money!

Phone and Tablet Repair Services

Need to fix an Android or iPhone screen? I offer fast, reliable screen repair services.
Extend the life of your phone or tablet with Screen Repairs, battery replacements, and not charging repairs.

Don’t waste the average of 2-4 weeks a year on silly tech issues.

Common Tech Problems I help Solve

Tech issues can turn your day upside down, but I’ve got the solutions to make things right.
Here are some common problems I tackle:

Freezing Up / Running Slow

Is your computer dragging its feet? I can help speed it up!

Virus and Malware

Got a virus, malware, or tricked by a scammer? I'll get things cleaned up, and protected.

Blue Screen / Spining Wheel Errors

Blue screen of death or Spinning wheel of doom?

General Tech Support

Need help with something else? From get it working to how to tutorials.

Not Turning On

Nothing happening when you press the power button? I’ll get it running.

Not Charging or Dies Quickly

Battery issues? I’ll fix charging problems and replace batteries.

Overheating Issues

Device getting too hot? I’ll get things cleaned out and repaired.

No Image on TV from Game Systems

Console on but no picture? I’ll fix the HDMI port and a full TuneUp.

Stuck at the Windows or Mac Logo

Device not booting up? I can get ya fixed up and running smooth.

Small Business Tech Support

From keep the printers working to how to streamline operations with software.

Personal Data Safety Concerns

Worried about your data? I can help make sure it's backed up and secure.

Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive acting up? I can diagnose and replace it.

Ready to solve your Tech issues with no hassle?

Main Tech Repair Services

Here’s how I help my Rockford Area customers get their tech back to perfect working order:

Virus and Malware Removal

Protect your data and enhance performance with expert virus and malware removal services. I’ll make sure your system stays secure and runs smoothly.

System Tune-Ups

Restore your computer's speed and functionality with professional system tune-ups. Get your device back to optimal performance.

Broken Screens

Broken screens are a common issue for laptops, phones, and tablets. Whether it’s a cracked laptop display or a shattered phone screen, I provide expert repair services to get your device looking and functioning like new. Don't let a broken screen slow you down.

System Boot Problems

Is your Windows or Mac device not booting up? Stuck at the Windows logo or Mac logo, or experiencing blue screen crashes? I can diagnose and fix these problems to get your system running again. Perfect for everyone from casual users to small business owners.

Hardware Repairs & Upgrades

Need a component replacement or system upgrade? My hardware repair services in Rockford will get your computer running like new.

Small Business IT Services

Optimize your tech infrastructure with comprehensive IT services tailored for small businesses. I’ll help ensure your business runs smoothly, protecting your operations from disruptive tech issues.

Gaming PC Maintenance

Keep your gaming PC in top condition with specialized maintenance services. Enjoy uninterrupted gaming with my expert touch. Gamers, keep your rigs battle-ready!

Data Backup & Protection

Make sure your data is backed up and secure. Many clients thought their computer was backing up, only to find out it wasn't working. I ensure your data is safely backed up and protected from loss.

Data Recovery Services

Lost important files? I can retrieve lost or corrupted data from various devices to help you recover valuable information.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Worried about online threats? I offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect your systems from hackers and malware.

Remote Tech Support

Need help without leaving your home or office? I offer remote assistance to fix your computer or provide "How To" tutorials. Join the Tolerate Tech membership to get remote support services included and discounted!

Advanced Motherboard Repair

I repair motherboards locally in Rockford, IL, without sending your device away. Support local repair for the best no video on screen repair for your PS4, PS5, Xbox, and more. Fix not charging issues for your Nintendo Switch, controllers, iPhone, Android, and other devices.

IT Consulting Services

Need expert advice? I provide strategic IT consulting to help you make informed tech decisions and optimize your technology infrastructure.

Computer Setup Services

Got a new device? I offer complete computer setup services to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Computer Setup Services

Got a new device? I offer complete computer setup services to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Home Office Tech Support

Working from home? I offer specialized tech support for home office setups, ensuring you have a productive and efficient workspace.

Performance Optimization

Want to boost your computer’s efficiency? I provide advanced performance optimization services to enhance your system's speed and functionality.

Tech Education and Training

Want to learn more about your tech? I offer education and training services to help you better understand and use your technology.


I'm Here to Help!

Hi, I’m Scott, your TechGuy™ at Revival Tech Solutions. I understand how frustrating tech problems can be.

That’s why I’m committed to providing fast, reliable, and professional service to get your devices back on track.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the tech world, I’m here to guide you through any tech challenge.

To get things started right away, click the ‘Start My Repair’ Request button above!

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Working Process


Fill Out the 'Start Repair Ticket' Form

• Start by clicking the ‘Start My Repair’ button to fill out the form with your details and the issues you're experiencing.

• You’ll receive an email with your next steps.


Follow Your Next Steps

• Check your email for instructions, then come into the shop to drop off your tech device or get the support you need.

• We’ll chat about the details and complete the ticket process.

• If you have questions before coming in, feel free to call or reply to your email. Need to keep your device until parts arrive? No problem!


Stay Updated During Repair

I’ll keep you in the loop throughout the repair, notify you of any complications, and let you know when everything is complete and ready for pickup. Repair turnarounds can vary from same day, 2-3 days, 3-6 days, or even a week or two, depending on the issue, the complexity of the repair, and your priority for getting the device back.


Check-Ups and New Issues

I’m here to build long-lasting relationships helping people save money, time, and frustrations. Whether it’s regular check-ups or new tech issues, I’m your local business go-to TechGuy™ in the Rockford Area. I bring business-level IT solutions to residential, and local small business.

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Tolerate Tech Membership is your all-in-one solution for computer cybersecurity, health, and support. Don’t let tech troubles disrupt your life.

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Join my satisfied customers who have experienced my reliable tech repair services in Rocfford. I pride myself on delivering excellent service and building long-term relationships with my clients.

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