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Tech Repair &
Support Services

Solving Slow Performance, Virus Infections, Broken Screens, Not Powering On, and More! Keep Your Tech Running Smoothly.


Digital Sales
System Software

Very often businesses have some components of a Digital Sales System, and having all of them helps with sales!

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7 Years and 6k Clients

Get help from the most 5 star rated local shop in the Rockford Area!

Welcome to Revival Tech Solutions,
the hub where technology meets peace of mind.

With over 20 years of experience, 7 years in business, and more than 6,000 happy clients, I am here to turn your tech woes into wins.

I’m Scott Lantow your friendly neighborhood TechGuy™. 😉

Whether you’re facing issues with your Tech devices, or looking to stabilize your business with an all-in-one toolbox for ultimate online presence and marketing – I’ve got your back.

Step in, and let’s pave the way to a seamless experience, where your solution is the priority. 

20+ Years of Experience

Tech Repair & Maintenance

Phone / Laptop Broken Screen | 
Phone / Laptop Battery Replacement | 
Game System / Computer Running Slow | 
Switch / Xbox / PS5  not showing up on the TV

Your Rockford, IL TechGuy™ is here to take those frustrating tech issues off your hands!

Let's Tolerate Tech™

Cybersecurity & Support

Malware / Virus Removal Cleanup | 
AntiVirus / AntiMalware  Protection | 
45pt Computer TuneUp
Computer Health Monitoring

No need to battle with stubborn tech problems alone, get peace of mind with your local TechGuy™!

Scalar Toolbox™

Sales & Marketing Software

I got tired of the hassle with salesforce, hubspot, and other big box marketing software companies. They don't have all the features we need in one spot, so I had to keep jumping from one app to another. Plus, getting support was limited to email and language barriers nightmares. 

So I created Scalar Toolbox™!


If you also believe in...

Repair Before Replace

The importance of sustainability and prefer fixing over discarding. We value the effort to reduce electronic waste and appreciate a service that prioritizes repair, saving both the environment and your wallet.

The Right Answers

The informed decisions powered by experience. With over 20 years in Tech, we trust that there’s a solution to every tech challenge and value the peace of mind that comes with knowledgeable guidance.

Meaningful Solutions

See life as a journey to be enjoyed, not endured. We appreciate services that make sense, add value, and bring joy, rather than causing frustration. We believe that every tech interaction should simplify, not complicate, your life.

Quality Over Quantity

Prioritize integrity and quality in services. We resonate with the belief that honest work and superior quality trump shortcuts and quick fixes. We appreciate a service born out of a commitment to these principles.

Tech and Digital Marketing

Revival Tech Core Services


Computer, Phone, Tablet, and Game System. Whether it's straight forward or a complicated issue, I'm often your last stop. As a local business, you speak with the TechGuy™ repairing your device, it doesn't go to another shop or location, and I service the device for longevity! Not giving up early just to sell you a new or insurance replacement.

Wondering things like "how to fix my game system?" "How to speed up my computer?"


If things weren't already serious, COVID and a war has got attacks at an all time high, and our devices are being targeted, or falling to collateral damage. It's time to get proactive, and check out Tolerate Tech™ anti-virus / anti-malware membership!

Wondering "how to protect my computer from viruses and malware?" It starts with getting a TechGuy™ that cares.


After helping my customers get their tech back up and running, often it doesn't stop there. The next thing is questions! I help explain how to get things done so you can move on with your day. High quality United States based support is hard to come by, and I'd love to prove it still exists.

Wondering things like "how to work my phone?" "How to setup my computer?" "How to not get hacked?"


It starts with a Website Design & Logo Creation, then we start growing towards video creation and social media marketing. We specialize in helping businesses startup, or get an upgrade with our enhanced online presence strategy and creation services.

Wondering how to get more leads and grow your business with less stress? It starts with getting a personable Designer to help manage the Brand Strategy development.


Revival Tech Hosting is our premiere platform for yoru managed wordpress expereience. Whether your taking care of things, or we're helping out with the design, our servers are 10x faster than industry leaders like GoDaddy or HostGator. Save time, money, and frustration with our litespeed fast and secure hosting!

Wonder how to start a website? We can help you with a better starting foundation.


Everyone can buy an anti-virus program and turn it on, right? We’re here to add Strategy to mix with our Managed IT Services. We can handle your other tech related venders, provide a time saving documentation and password management system, remote live desktop chat support, and a whole lot more!

Wonder how to speed up your company growth and protect it along the way? It starts with having the right TechGuy as your Trusted Advisor.

Scott Lantow headshot at Technology repair expo in blue business suit with black tie

Open Hours: Walk-In or Call

Sunday: Appointment Only

Monday: 11am - 6pm

Tuesday: 11am - 6pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 11am - 6pm

Friday: 11am - 6pm

Saturday: Appointment Only

Have you been to other Tech Shops or Designers, and it just seems to not get the job done? I hope to be your last stop by asking the right questions, to help find the right pain points, that help make a measurable impact in your business or personal solution needs!


What the other people are missing is: STRATEGY

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Working Process

We deliver consistent high quality solutions, with passionate & experienced processes.



We love making each new repair, support, or design project more effient, and that starts with asking the right questions! We'll start with pre-diagnostics or a right-fit meeting, and determine where to start with developing our strategies!


Sounds fancy right? Often this is very quick, on the spot, and effective. Sometimes, we may need to take more time working on securing parts, managing a service vender for the project, or learn something new we haven't come across yet!


You know, the Nike part! Just DO IT! The main part of our RevivalTech Process begins, and we get to work. Taking apart a device, repairing a motherboard, designing a new brand identity, and way too much more!



Our favorite part, because 95% of the time you smile real big! Yes yes, there are no-fix scenarios sometimes, but with our passionate and knowledgeable Master Technician, our team has what it takes to deliver the best experience not just with your project, but with our personable and enjoyable customer service!

Reviews & Testimonials

What our Customers are saying

David Blankenship
David Blankenship
Tech Support That Actually Makes Sense
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I was a customer of a well known tech support company for many years. Recently, they changed from local support to a corporate centered support model. This totally changed my relationship with their local support staff. I needed to find reliable tech support that offered both remote and face to face support to report problems, ask questions, then receive timely solutions and answers. After a quick search, I drove to the Revival Tech Solutions office, met Scott, and immediately signed up for his support services. He ran diagnostics on my laptop and suggested I check it in for system and security updates. Since first meeting Scott he has provided excellent support on a number of occasions and that is why I strongly suggest you contact Revival Tech Solutions for your tech support needs.
Bob Pumphrey
Bob Pumphrey
Save Money With Computer TuneUps & Upgrades!
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Revival Tech Repair did an excellent job on updating my computer system to Windows 10 and giving me the speed and memory capacity I needed for my recording software. Scott was very helpful and knowledgeable and his prices were very reasonable. He’s very friendly and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend him for any computer needs.
Brian Michael
Brian Michael
When Other Places Can't Fix It, Often We Can!
Read More
I took my iPad to the other local device repair shop and they told me it was unfixable. Took it into Revival Tech Solutions and he had it fixed on a few days. iPad works good as new now. Highly recommend.
Mark Schlandger
Mark Schlandger
Tech Support That Actually Makes Sense
Read More
Wow, what a great guy! The owner was so helpful and knowledgeable. He really helped out us older folks! Thanks Scott!

With the right strategies and tools in place, we can enhance your online presence for better qualified leads, easier sales, and more low cost traffic.

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