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Computer running slow?

We’re here to help you Tolerate Tech with our No Worries membership!

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Join the others in the Tolerate Tech community with less Tech stress!







Would you be happier if your computer stayed healthy year round?

Your membership offers on-going support and cybersecurity coverage! This allows us to help you Tolerate Tech by making it less annoying.

  • Don’t worry about updates, we manage those!
  • 4 Performance Tune Ups a Year!
  • Done For You Computer Cybersecurity Protection!

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“The Revival Tech Care tune ups really keep my computer working smooth through out the year”

-Matt Nelson

we lose an average of
2 – 4 weeks a year
on tech issues


Need help with that printer not working?

We’re able to offer you support desk assistance from anywhere across the country.

Brick and Mortar services founded in the Greater Rockford, IL area!

  • Best Rated Tech Shop In Town!
  • Core Values Based On Lower Tech Frustration!
  • From Lantow’s Pharmacy to Revival Tech, Our Generational Local Small Business roots have been helping the community for years!

Ready for Tech Happiness!


Our No Worries membership has helped many of our clients relax!

The Revival Tech tune up

Our local TechGuy’s administer our 45 point sinpection, much like a mechanic with a car. Our process performs , , software & hardware health check, and .

  • Deep System Cache / Temp File Cleanup
  • Multi Layer Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware Inspection
  • Software & Hardware Health Check
  • System Software Maintenance

Speed up my computer

active cybersecurity protection

Sometimes our computers can be running slow and acting strange because of malware. Malware can be just as serious as a virus, but also can be more subtle, and the main reason your computer is being annoying!

  • Active Premium Dual Layer Antivirus & Antimalware Protection!
  • Active Dual Layer Internet Security Protection!
  • Our Cybersecurity Suite Stops what Others Don’t!

I'm Ready to be prepared!

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I’m am very pleased with their services. They are very knowledgeable and very friendly. The price quotes are amazing. They do great work. Its great to see a computer service repair company in Rockford that actually cares about your computer vs. how much money is made. Extremely highly recommended. Thanks for the expertise in fixing my sons computer.
– Greg Yowler | Google Review

Simple plan.
Supercharge your computer.

Get the done-for-you computer performance plan you deserve! Every moment you spend waiting, or screaming at your computer, is another moment wasted. Let’s get back your FREE TIME!


For baseline Cybersecurity and health monitoring. This at least helps fight the spread of CyberCrime!

$ 156

Get Protected

  • 24/7 Active Premium Anti-Virus / Premium Anti-Malware for core Cybersecurity protection. This covers files, programs, core windows system, and more!​
  • 24/7 Active Dual Layer Internet Premium Security for blocking malicious website & downloads​
  • 24/7 Active Health Monitoring for catching problems before they happen. This saves money, and frustration!​
  • Managed Windows / Third-Party Updates so you’re not bother through the week with updates and reboots!​
  • And a whole lot more! Book a call with Scott if you have questions.​
  • 20% Off advanced rate services​

No Worries™

This is how we keep your computer running smooth, and it doesn’t make you want to throw it out the window! ?

Best seller!
$ 300

remove tech stress

Everything in Free, plus:

  • All Features in I’m Covered™
  • 4x Software Tune Up & Quarterly Check Up​
  • 1 Hardware Tune Up a year keeps the dirt, dust, and debris away! We call this the hardware oil change.​
  • Computer Cloud Backup from IT Pros, so your data isn’t sold like big tech cloud services. ​
  • Android device Premium Anti-Malware Cybersecurity protection to block malicious apps attempting to steal banking information, and personal information.​
  • 30% Off advanced rate services​

The VIP™

Like really not being upset at your Tech? You aught to join the VIP membership! Get priority and discount services. ?

$ 600

Let’s get started

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • All Features in Tier 3 No Worries​
  • When 4 meet ups a year isn’t quite good enough, we can get together more often!​
  • Managed venders like Comcast so we can deal with them and you don’t have to.​
  • Priority Support and discounted emergency services become available!​
  • Select level 1 labor services included!​
  • 40% Off advanced rate services​

just like we need doctors, dentists, and mechanics, it’s 2022 and you need a tech guy!

Be prepared with dual layer cybersecurity

Our premium anti-virus / anti-malware is industry leading and next-gen cybersecurity solutions.

Less stress with live remote support

Frustrated with the computer? Our live chat and remote support will help relieve stress, and give you back free time!

You get back time, money, & happiness

With our business grade protection and support, we guarantee your computer stays tuned up!

Let’s get started

You’re not crazy, this does sound like a good value. see what our other revival Tech care customers are saying!




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Is there a free version of ManagePro?

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How much does it cost?

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Can you pay for ManagePro monthly?

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Does ManagePro offer plans for students?

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Which pricing plan is right for me?

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How does our pricing work?

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What if I change my mind?

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What payment methods do you accept?

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Start feeling secure and supported with our “no worries” membership plan today!

Ready to help slow the spread of digital viruses and

Let’s get started

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