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Sometimes our computers can be running slow and acting strange because of malware. Malware is essentially another term, and just as serious, for a virus.
But! It also can be more subtle, and the main reason your computer is being annoying.

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I'm am very pleased with their services. They are very knowledgeable and very friendly. The price quotes are amazing. They do great work. Its great to see a computer service repair company in Rockford that actually cares about your computer vs. how much money is made. Extremely highly recommended. Thanks for the expertise in fixing my sons computer.
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Frequently asked questions

Is my computer really at risk?

Unfortunately, yes. All companies, both large and small and in every industry, are at risk of cyber attacks and threats. There is no guaranteed technology or method to prevent a breach and there is no such thing as 100% security.

it is important to keep viruses and malware off your computer at all times. A paid protective software will do more to protect you typically than a free one. We believe in using the best technology available and that’s why we have partnered with Emsisoft Business Anti-Virus and Malwarebytes Premium Anti-Malware to offer you a customized dual layer Cybersecurity Suite. Our Endpoint Protection Plus and Business Security protects you real-time from viruses, malware, spyware and more!

Revival Tech Tip: Employ multiple layers of cybersecurity to help keep your business safe, including assessments and testing, policies and training, and detection and response.

Is my firewall enough?

Today’s network perimeter has extended outside of the confines of the traditional office. With employees working remotely from home, coffee shops and co-working spaces, the network perimeter has now moved to the endpoint (computer or mobile device). The small organization market has seen a shift away from Virtual Public Network (VPN) usage, leaving remote users outside of the protection of the firewall. Firewalls also can’t catch every threat or attack, and opening a port in the firewall leaves your network at risk. Given these scenarios, additional security layers are often necessary to protect the endpoints.

Defendify Tip: Employ preventative measures that go beyond a firewall to keep your business protected. Additionally, perform regular firewall audits and follow an update schedule to keep your firewall strong.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that infects a computer or server. Once the ransomware is installed on a device, the attacker uses encryption to block the user from gaining access to important files. These files can be customer information, payroll, or any other types of sensitive information inside your organization. The attackers leave a message on the infected machine demanding that the user send money, usually in bitcoin, to the attacker in exchange for unlocking the files. The amount of the request varies. Often, data locked by ransomware cannot be decrypted, even by security specialists. If your data is not backed up appropriately, you may have little choice but to give in and send the requested funds to the attacker or rebuild from scratch. The attacker may unlock the encrypted data, but it’s not a guarantee, and even if you do get your data back, ransomware can cause significant business interruption and downtime.

Defendify Tip: Choosing to pay or not to pay is a difficult decision. They key is to defend against ransomware through good security practices and to maintain regular backups of your data.

Why should I choose Tolerate Tech?

You will not find another technology support Small Local "Mom & Pop" style company with comparable experience, professionalism, affordable rates, and quick turn around time. We value each customer’s job, project, or issue as if it was our own and dedicate our full energy and expertise in over-exceeding expectations.

Can I change my membership plan?

Yes we give you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your membership plan, and keep to finish out any previous outstanding agreement payment plans. This can be paid one-time, or simply kept as 2 payments until the prior plan is paid-in-full. You can even pause your membership if you need to leave your device at home while you are away on vacation. We want you to get the most out of your technology and love the opportunity to serve you and your devices!

What problems can Tolerate Tech help with?

We can assist you with most software and hardware related problems. We have assisted thousands of customers with different problems but the most common problems we assist are: Device optimization & customization, updates, virus & malware removal, printer troubleshooting, network optimization, junk data removal, error code troubleshooting and more. No issue is too small or too large for our experts. If you are wondering what problems we can fix for you contact us and speak to one of our friendly Technology Experts who can help.

How much do support and repair services cost?

Drop-off / Walk-in computer repairs receive a an initial diagnostic, and usually our Instant Quote cost for your approval. We will need to see it first before being able to provide the exact rate. Onsite computer service visits are based hourly and on the level of service.

How much is the setup fee?

There is a setup fee of $100 which includes our setup & configuration of the necessary software included in all of our membership plans. This often also includes an initial service performed due to an issues that brought you to us! This way we can have the proper time to help deliver you the best value for a Tech Support membership you've ever seen!

We also install a special Desktop Chat and computer health monitoring system on your device so you can get directly to a friendly Technology Expert when problems arise who can assist you. The setup fee is waived if you have purchased a One-Time Care service more than $100, and you can chose which membership plan for us to begin payments for that meets your needs.

Can i get Tolerate Tech support without membership?

Yes you can! If you aren’t ready to become a member you can purchase the fix as needed service, it’s our original founding services: Revival Tech Repair. This allows you to get technology support for your device to fix the problems you have. The Standard service starts at only $250 which includes a full system optimization and cleaning in addition to the fixing specific problem/s you have. Some complex problems can take over 24-48 hrs to resolve, but don’t worry you won’t pay anything more until we determine it's necessary, we have a chat, and approval is agreed upon. You can go to our membership page to learn more or Contact Us!

Is there a wait time for service requests?

In a nutshell, we offer onsite and drop-off support. That includes a vast service offering, including: office IT support, home computer repairs, virus removals, Mac/PC repairs, iPhone / iPad repairs, data recovery and more. Every year, we implement a new service offering because we love exploring in more tech all the time. Over the years, we have offered support on drones, Nexus phones, Apple watches, projectors, and other gadgets. As passionate techs, we are always looking to get our hands on all different kinds of equipment. If you’re not sure if we support your device, ask us!

Is there a membership cancelation fee?

Not exactly. We don’t believe in making you pay for something you don’t want, however we do believe in being compensated for services rendered, and standing behind an agreement. We find that the majority of our customers use our services on a regular basis and we do everything we can to make our service affordable. If you're on a monthly plan, there's an agreement term that would need to be completed, or fully paid out by the client to complete the payments of the agreement. Annual plans can be canceled, however there will not be a prorated refund. Most often the agreements have several previously completed services, and preparations made for future services. Please feel free to reach out with any further questions.

Is online backup necessary?

Yes, online backup is a necessity, especially if you have a lot of sensitive information stored on the computer. Sometimes hardware fails and without the proper backup you would lose your information in some cases. Our online backup and its 100% safe and secure meaning you won’t have to worry about all your documents, pictures, videos, and more in case something happened to your computer. Our unlimited online backup service comes with every membership plan.

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