Most 5 Star Rated Tech Shop In Rockford Area
Hours: MTTF 11a – 6p / S S Appt
  • April 12, 2020
  • Scott Lantow
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I’m a little torn here. Brought my laptop in once and it took over a week longer than I was told was expected. Got it back, worked for a week, then I had to take it back into them. Come to find out the first person I left it with did not record everything I had said in terms of issues I was experiencing which is why it was not fixed fully the first time. When I took it back into them, though, I learned how many extra tickets they had gotten since mine and understood the backup in time. However, as disappointing as that all was, they hooked me up with a nice refurbished laptop with a good price! While the service itself may not have been the best the gents working are! While I am disappointed I could not get my old one fixed as cheap as I had thought and it all took a little longer these guys truly do care. Definitely a different feel from other shops.

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