Windows 8.1 Just Lost All Support. Here’s What You Need to Know

September 19, 2023 Scott Lantow

Companies and home users share this one cybersecurity problem: They have computers that are still running older operating systems. Even...

2023 Trends in Data Privacy That Could Impact Your Compliance

February 15, 2023 Scott Lantow

Data privacy has been a growing requirement ever since the internet age began. So much personal information is flying around...

Phone Malware Has Increased 500% – What Should You Do?

February 3, 2023 Scott Lantow

Cybersecurity researchers uncovered an alarming mobile phone statistic. During the first few months of 2022, mobile phone malware attacks surged...

How Is the Metaverse Going to Change Business?

February 2, 2023 Scott Lantow

The new buzzword around town is “metaverse.” But what does that actually mean for businesses? Is it just something that...

How Using the SLAM Method Can Improve Phishing Detection

August 15, 2022 Scott Lantow

There is a reason why phishing is usually at the top of the list for security awareness training. For the...


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