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The Five Mistakes Holding You Back From Profitable Trading

You all know the feeling. The nervous click of the buy button. The tentative excitement as green candles start to climb towards the sky. A quick glance at the Bitcoin chart reminds you of the thousands of percentages that are potentially yours…

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I have a strategy!


In the 4 months I have been here, the amount I have learnt from just the course materials has been amazing. I have a strategy that has taken me through a pretty shitty part of the market. Combined with everything else and safety margins set, I started with 8k usdt, that has more than doubled and I owe it all to what i have learnt here. No longer chase get rich quick schemes, no longer listen to bullshit noise online.”

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- FVGWizards


Finally can say I became rich from crypto.


“Honestly my first testimonial wasn’t enough credit like this server helped me every single time I was stuck or did not understand jargon or charts I was able to come to the Technical Analysis channel or Market Analysis to get what I needed to go and google/research what I needed for the answer my damn head wanted. Once you have a source like this trust me you’re golden, it is getting more rare to find these gems so as long as you are here you should stay or get your body on the dance floor now. The analysis here are extremally DEDICATED to giving trustful sources and providing insider information and even their own knowledge on Crypto is more valuable than you can imagine…”

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- kAos

PTP is the savior for me during these choppy times


“Updated testimonial from me after being a member for ~4 and something months now. PTP is the savior for me during these choppy times. Starting using the CC trading journal from March onwards, so I have some results to share.

March: 24.27% ROI on my USDT trades (no BTC trading at the time) April: 27.53% ROI on my USDT trades (no BTC trading at the time) First half of May: Roughly breaking even, -2.05% ROI on my USDT trades. Second half of May: Decided to stop USDT trades as it was getting too choppy, bought BTC as it was going down (and still buying more). So far 15.47% ROI on my BTC trades. These numbers are absolutely unreal to me honestly. March & April was my own system mixed with CC signals, first half of May is the same, but since I started doing BTC trades it’s been 100% my own system, built according to PTP principals. Very grateful for the service provided here, especially the educational material, because I can guarantee if it wasn’t for the PTP course (especially risk management) this month would have marked the end of my trading career. Instead, now I’ve amassed a nice BTC holding, and now I’m just waiting for the inevitable pump so I can sell it off for even more profit”

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- Naxdy

We got tired of feeling like this….


And we identified these 5 Core Concepts...


Mistake #1: Schedule

When I first began trading...


Mistake #2: Assets

Chasing random assets for the pump...


Mistake #3:Time Frame

Even after sticking to your trading schedule...


Mistake #4: Risk Management

It doesn't matter if you have the most successful strategy...


Mistake #5: Strategy

So we've applied consistency to our routine...

That Helped Thousands of People start feeling More Like This!

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Now what do we actually do?

Unless you fundamentally understand and believe in your trading strategy, you will never have the courage or conviction to continue trading your strategy during hard times.

Justin Wise Calm and Confident after creating a great profitable objective trading strategy

Justin Wise

Justin Wise

- Founder, Mentor, Lead Analyst

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Understanding these five mistakes will save you hundreds of hours of frustration, anxiety, and worry. And the best part about identifying these mistakes in your own trading is,

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